Sunfish Sails, Parts, and Accessories

Since the 1950s, there has been no better way to play on the water than in a Sunfish. Whether you're looking to upgrade to a new sail, or need new line, masts or booms, West Coast Sailing has the Sunfish Parts you're looking for.

Sunfish Sails


Sails, Tell Tails & Sail Rings

Sunfish Hull

Hull & Deck

Bailers, Handles, Bridles & Cleats

Sunfish Mast

Mast & Boom

Spars, Blocks & Plugs

Sunfish Rudders

Tillers & Blades

Daggerboards, Tillers, Rudders & Fittings

Sunfish Lines


Mainsheets, Line Kits & Sail Controls

Sunfish Accessories


Wind Indicators, Inspection Ports & Go-Fasts

Sunfish Covers


Hull & Deck Covers, Spar Bags & Blade Bags